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About Us...that is "About Cleaning Stuff!"

Our team of cleaning professionals has traveled extensively to all 48 states that we serve. We have the greatest respect and admiration for the regional differences created by weather, geography and culture and how our customers resolve them to provide a cleaner, more sanitary environment for all of us to live, work and play.

The Cleaning Stuff team members have many years of experience in all levels of our industry: new product development, manufacturing, distribution and cleaning buildings...including the toilet bowls!

Listening to you, the Cleaning Professionals, we have heard that what's most important to you is to get the products you need, when you want them, at a competitive price, WITH NO HASSLES! We have built our business around accomplishing this goal. While "Murphy's Law" may step in some times to mess things up, we are totally committed to handling those situations quickly and painlessly to your satisfaction.

the products you need...

Over 3,000 products have been carefully selected for performance and price value by cleaning professionals. In critical categories we offer several levels of performance and price to assist in meeting your individual requirements. While we offer many major brand names, there will be some missing. Some manufacturers maintain artificially "high pricing" by practicing "selective distribution" or not being willing to sell every distributor. As a "national distributor" we would "step on toes" of existing distributors that have a "geographical claim" to exclusive distribution in some areas and therefore higher pricing. We have passed on those manufacturers' products in the interest of providing you with products that will allow you to do the same high quality of cleaning professionalism at a lower cost!

when you want them...

Over $30 million dollars in inventory is computer-linked in some 24 warehouses located strategically to provide same day shipping and often, next day delivery to more than 95% of the US population. We are shipping those orders 100% complete within 24 hours over 98% of the time! Larger orders (or certain types of products) ship by Common Carrier truck lines while smaller orders ship UPS and will generally arrive within 3 to 5 days. By using the distribution center closest to you, we often cut the shipping time down to one or two days. Also, we maintain exacting inventory standards so that we can ship your order complete. If we are out of one of your products at the nearest location, we can then ship it from the next nearest location. Should you allow 5 days for your order to arrival timing, we will consistently beat your required delivery timing!

at a Competitive price...

We have built our business model to be two things:

  1. the highest level of service
  2. the lowest price

To accomplish this, we begin with the highest level of service model that can still provide the lowest price distribution. We have reached this goal by utilizing regional warehousing that reduces both freight costs and inventory costs vs. our competitors. Secondly, we leverage sales by direct mail and the Internet vs. street salespeople. While street salespeople are friendly, wonderful people, we have found that many cleaning professionals already know what they want and how to use it. Results: Low Pricing!


Two of our "top dogs", our President and our Chief Executive Officer began their careers in the cleaning industry more than 20 years ago in Customer Service. They have never forgotten the importance of good customer service and it is our number one mission and will always be so...NO HASSLES!

Thank you for being our Customer!