ProTeam backpack vacuum 106542 AviationVac 400 Hz with aviation 1.5 inch kit 1 106502 6 quart

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ProTeam AviationVac Backpack Vacuum Cleaner With Aviation 1.5 Inch Kit 1

Designed exclusively for the transportation industry, the AviationVac utilizes the same 400 Hz power system used on transport vehicles without the need for bulky adaptors. This commercial backpack vacuum comes complete with kit 106502 3 inch horsehair dust brush 100110, 17 inch crevice tool 100108, 49 inch aluminum one piece, two bend wand 106293, 5 inch upholstery tool 100115, 12 inch aluminum gulper floor tool 100155 plus 2 filters 100431 and a 50 foot power cord. The lightweight wand and ergonomic backplate provides a highly efficient tool for cleaning up in a hurry. The AviationVac offers the utmost quality you expect from a commercial backpack vacuum. Unsurpassed 3 year warranty. Use filter bags open collar 100431 or closed collar 106995.

  • Ease of Use Mid size capacity is ideal for cleaning in and around crowded constraints on airplanes.
  • Productive Quick cleaning of aisles, seats and hard-to-reach areas eliminating bulky or non-performing products.
  • Filtration Advanced filtration system captures and contains microscopic dust preventing them from being reintroduced back into the environment.
  • ProTeam is a proud partner of the American Lung Association. Together, we fight for clean indoor air so that we all can breathe easier. ProTeam is committed to developing innovative cleaning technologies to address indoor air quality concerns. The American Lung Association does not endorse product, device or service.
  • 3 year warranty on motor, labor and parts. Limited lifetime warranty on molded body parts


  • Weight 10 lbs.
  • Airflow 106 CFM.
  • Static Lift 82 inches.
  • Power 864 Watts.
  • Amperage 7.2.
  • Decibel 68 dB.
  • Intercept Micro Filter 496 sq. in.  6 qt.
  • Four Level Filtration 676 sq. in. total area.
  • Includes: a 1 1/2 inch static-dissipating vacuum hose, a 50 foot extension cord and two Intercept Micro filters.
  • Generous Three Year Manufacturers Warranty! Covers Parts, Labor and Motor. Lifetime Warranty On Molded Body Parts.
  • To View Video Presentation Click Here.

Includes The Aviation 1.5 Inch Kit 1 106502 Which Includes The Following Items

  • Aluminum One Piece Two Bend Wand, 49 Inch 106293
  • Upholstery Tool 5 Inch 100115
  • Dust Brush 3 Inch 100110
  • Crevice Tool 17 Inch 100108
  • Aluminum Gulper Floor Tool 100155

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