Steel wool floor scrubber pads 20 inch radial grade 0 fine for cleaning and polishing case of 12 pads, gma120200

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Steel Wool Floor Pads 20 Inch Radial Grade 0 Fine For Cleaning and Polishing, Case of 12 Pads, GMT, GMT120200.

The Grade 0 (Fine) Steel Wool Floor Pads are designed for Cleaning & Polishing.

Our complete line of Steel Wool Floor Pads can handle jobs from stripping a tough, dirty, paste-wax buildup or buffing a beautiful parquet floor to a brilliant luster. Reversible pads can be used over and over for cleaning, dry scrubbing, polishing or finishing almost any type of floor. Choose from a variety of grades to fit your needs: 0 (fine)—for cleaning and polishing; 1 (medium)—for cleaning and dry scrubbing; 2 (coarse)—to strip wax floors or scrub rough floors; or 3 (very coarse)—removing paint and varnish; smoothing and buffing wood floors. 12 pads per case.