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Carpet Extractors

Canister Carpet Extractors
- "Box" or "Tank" Extractor That Works With Hose And Wand.
Self Contained Carpet Extractors
- Totally Self Contained - Includes Motor Powered Brush - No Hose or Wand Needed.
Carpet Spot Cleaners
- Small, Lightweight, Handheld Carpet Cleaning Machines Designed For Spot Cleaning.
Steam Cleaners
- Steam Cleaners Generate 212 Degrees Of Steam For Sanitzied Carpet Cleaning.
Carpet Bonnets
- Carpet Bonnets work With Standard Floor Buffers For Cleaning Carpet.
Carpet Extractor Accessories
- Hoses, Wands, Upholstery Tools And More.

By Brand:
Sandia Carpet Extractors
- NEW! 100, 200 or 500 PSI With Heaters!