Carpet Extractors

Commercial Carpet Extractors

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Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to remove stubborn stains and dirt from your carpets? Look no further than a commercial carpet extractor. These powerful machines are designed to deep clean your carpets, removing even the toughest of stains and leaving your floors looking brand new. With various sizes and features available, there's an extractor carpet cleaning machine to meet every commercial cleaning need. Not only will a commercial carpet extractor save you time and effort, but it will also save you money in the long run by extending the life of your carpets. Don't settle for mediocre cleaning results any longer—invest in a carpet cleaning extractor and experience the difference in your carpets.

Carpet Extractors pump cleaning solution (water plus shampoo) into the carpet, scrub then vacuum away dirty water to clean and allow a fast dry time. Choose from Self Contained Carpet Extractors with high speed brushes on the bottom or Canister Carpet Extractors that use a hose and wand.

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