Self-Contained Carpet Extractors

 Self-Contained Carpet Extractors are on sale and in stock at CleaningStuff.Net! 
Are you tired of the hassle and inefficiency of traditional carpet cleaning methods? Look no further! Self-contained carpet extractors are here to make your life easier and your carpets cleaner in no time.
Self-Contained Carpet Extractors have fast turning, aggressive brushes on the bottom to scrub a wide part of carpet. Most are designed to "pull backwards" keeping operators feet off the clean, wet carpet. The obvious choice for large, open rooms, hallways, etc. Cleans the most square footage of carpet in the least amount of time vs. Canister Carpet Extractors.
Dirt, stains, and grime stand no chance against the power and efficiency of this machine’s robust brushing action. Our self-contained extractors are an obvious choice for anyone who values efficiency in their cleaning equipment.
Welcome to a world of cleaner carpets and quicker cleaning times with a better machine. Upgrade to a self-contained carpet extractor today! You and your carpets deserve it.