Trash Bags, Can Liners

 trash-bags-can-liners1.jpgCommercial Plastic Trash Bags, Can Liners in sizes for any trash can receptacle, large or small! Choose from economical high density with its "crinkly" feel or thicker, "stretchy" low density design.

Can Liner Strength Chart:
"R" (Regular) = .30 - .50 MIL; 6 - 9 MIC
"H" (Heavy) = .60 -. 90 MIL; 10 - 15 MIC
"XH" (Extra Heavy) = 1.00 MIL+; 16 MIC+
Note: HD means High Density , a "crinkly" feeling bag, while thinner than LL(Linear Low), HD achieves strength through the use of specialty plastic resins. Measured as "MIC" due to thinness. Using less resin means HD is usually lower in cost for the same size bag than LL.
LL means Linear Low , a "stretchy" feeling bag, thicker than HD, LL achieves strength through its thickness, measured as "MIL's". LL is often preferred for extra heavy duty jobs while HD can accommodate lower costs where its strength is sufficient.