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Other Stuff

Professional Cleaning Tools for the many special requirements that the Cleaning Professional may require.

Other Stuff includes: Mops, Buckets, Wringers, Brushes, Brooms, Carts, Air Movers, Squeegees, Door Mats, Gloves, Tilt Trucks, Trash Cans, Lawn Mowers, Steam Cleaners, Loading Ramps, Trigger Sprayers, Training Videos and more.

Choose from several premium brands including: Rubbermaid, Unger, Andersen Mats, Link Ramps, Viking, 3M, KleenGuard, Witt, Unisan. We carry all of the top brands at lower than "wholesale" prices.


Air Mover, Floor Dry Fans »

Air Movers or floor drying fans can quickly dry your floor or carpet. Shortens the maintenance time before people can get back on the floor!


Brooms, Brushes, Dust Pans »

Push Brooms, Street Brooms, Upright Brooms, Corn Brooms, Scrub Brushes, Counter Brushes, Grout Brushes, Deck Brushes, Toilet Bowl Brushes, Vehicle Wash Brushes, Wall Brushes, Pipe Brushes, Metal or Plastic Dust Pans, Lobby Dust Pans, Feather Dusters and much more!


Building Maintenance »

Tools, Tool Boxes, Step Stools, Ladders, Baby Changing Stations, Toilet Plungers, Padlocks, Key Rings, Lubricants, Flashlights, Batteries, Extension Cords, Call Bells, Door Stops, Folding Chairs and much more!


Carts, Trucks »

Audio Visual Carts, Dollies, Lawn and Garden Carts, Wheelbarrows, Hand Trucks, Hotel Carts, Janitor Carts, Instrument Carts, Laundry Carts, Office Carts, Platform Trucks, Bus Carts, Tool Carts, Utility Carts, Utility Trucks, Retail Pricing Carts and much more!


Stone, Concrete Polishing Tools »

Professional quality tools that work with standard floor buffers or autoscrubbers for polishing and maintaining concrete or stone floors, including marble, granite and terrazzo.


Door Mats »

Door Mats, Welcome Mats, Walk Off Mats, Indoor Mats, Outdoor Mats, Waterhog Mats, Adhesive Mats, Bath Mats, Antifatigue Mats, Scraper Mats, Safety Mats. Brands include: 3M, Rubbermaid, Andersen, Waterhog, Crown.

Floor Pads

Floor Pads »

Floor Pads to fit most floor machines for scrubbing, stripping and polishing hard surface floors, including tile, concrete or stone. Brands include 3M, ETC Gorilla, Twister and more!

Floor Scrubber Brushes

Floor Scrubber Brushes »

Brushes to fit most floor scrubbers and buffers for scrubbing, stripping and polishing hard surface floors, including tile, concrete or stone. Best choice for scrubbing grouted tile!


Floor Squeegees »

Floor Squeegees, Handles and Accessories. Floor Squeegees can move more water off hard floor surfaces faster than mops. Great for flood clean up or where water hose or pressure washing is utilized. Cleaning Stuff proudly offers the high quality, commercial industrial Unger brand.


Gloves »

Wide selection of Latex, Vinyl, Neoprene, Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Cotton, Canvas, Jersey, Latex Flock Lined, Leather Palm, Chemical Resistant Neoprene, Nitrile Flock Lined, String Knit, Coveralls, Ear Plugs, Safety Glasses, Safety Vests, Dust Masks, Stripping Shoes and much more!


Health & Safety Stuff »

Blood Vomit Urine Clean Up Kits, Ear Plugs, Safety Glasses, Eye Wash Stations, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Kits, Hand Sanitizers, Insecticides, Insect Repellants, Safety Tape, Sanitary Napkins, Coveralls, Dust Masks, Safety Vests, Stripping Shoes, Toilet Seat Covers and more!


Hotel Stuff »

Hotel sized Hand Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Mouthwash, Hand Lotion. Hotel Maids Carts, Laundry Carts, Platform Trucks, Bath Mats, Call Bells, Key Rings and much more!


Kitchen, Food Service Stuff »

Bus Boxes, Bus Carts, Steam Table Pans, Food Wrap, Food Containers, Trays, Pan Liners, Measuring Cups, Dishwashing Detergents, Glassware Cleaners, Drain Openers, Oven and Grill Cleaners, Scouring Pads, Paper, Foam, Plastic Plates, Cups, Paper Napkins, Plastic Knives, Forks, Spoons.


Loading Ramps »

Commercial, industrial Aluminum Loading Ramps in a wide choice of lengths, widths and load capacities to meet your requirements. Choose from Straight Ramps, Folding Ramps and Ramps Designed for Installation.


Mechanic's Stuff »

Lubricants, Cleaning Solvents, Absorbants, Waterless Hand Cleaners, Gloves, Coveralls, Wipes, Rags, Protectants and more. Brands include: ArmorAll, WD-40, Misty and more.


Mops »

Commercial Wet Mops, Dust Mops, Mop Handles, Dust Mop Frames, includes looped end wet mops, cut end mops, cotton mops, rayon mops, finish mops, disposable dust mops, microfiber mops, flat mops, laundry bags, finish applicators, stripper applicators, carpet bonnets and much more!


Mop Buckets, Wringers, Carts »

Commercial Mop Buckets, Mop Wringers, Janitor Carts, includes wet floor signs, plastic mop buckets, steel mop buckets, plastic mop wringers, steel mop wringers, hoses, utility buckets and pails, bucket fill hoses and much more! Brands include: Rubbermaid, Unger, Carlisle, Impact.


Office Stuff »

Office Stuff includes: Batteries, Clipboards, Coffee, Coffee Filters, Doorstops, Flashlights, Folding Chairs, Paper Cups, Key Rings, Ladders, Step Stools, Packing Tape, Padlocks, Toilet Plungers, Shelving, Restroom Signs, Scissors, Storage Cabinets, Whiteboard Cleaner, Wide Angle Markers and more!

Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners »

Steam Cleaners clean and sanitize without chemicals! Pressurized steam answers many cleaning problems both quickly and economically.


Sweepers »

Sweepers use turning brushes to "sweep" dirt, dust and larger debris into a storage hopper for emptying. Small sweepers offer quiet, non-motorized quick pick-ups, while larger sweepers replace push brooms by picking up cups, and larger debris quickly.


Tilt Trucks, Utility Trucks »

Tilt Trucks, Utility Trucks are large, wheeled mobile containers for trash removal and other material handling functions. Tilt Trucks "tilt" off the dock into a dumpster. Utility Trucks or Cube Trucks are box like open containers. Brands include: Rubbermaid Tilt Trucks, Continental, Unisan.


Training Videos »

Complete offering of Training Videos for the Professional Janitorial Staff or for the management of a Contract Janitorial Cleaning Company.


Trash Cans »

Trash Cans large and small, plastic, steel and stainless steel. Choose from large wheeled outdoor trash cans, designer indoor versions, office wastebaskets and more. Brands include: Rubbermaid Brute, Landmark, Slim Jim, Glutton, Marshall, Plaza, Ranger, Step On, Witt.


Trigger Sprayers & Bottles »

Professional quality Trigger Sprayers and reusable Bottles with graduations, including chemical resistant, in popular 16, 24 and 32 ounce sizes. Makes concentrates easy to use and stretches your cleaning chemical budget!


Warehouse Mailroom Stuff »

Packing Tape, Utility Knives, Platform Trucks, Hand Trucks, Scissors, Staplers, Stretch Wrap, Clipboards, Shelving and much more.


Window Cleaning Stuff »

Window Squeegees, Window Washers, Window Cleaning Buckets, Window Cleaning Kits, Window Scrapers, Aluminum Extension Handles, Glass Cleaners, Replacement Rubber Squeegee Blades for Window Squeegees and more! Cleaning Stuff proudly offers the commercial Unger brand.