Paper, Plastics

Commercial paper and plastic products for restrooms, kitchens and more.

From Jumbo Toilet Tissue to Roll Towels to Trash Cans to Carts and everything in between, we have it! Also find Trash Bags, Trash Cans, Electric Hand Dryers, Paper Cups, Paper Plates and other products supporting this section.

Choose from several premium brands including: Charmin, Kleenex, Angel Soft, Envision, Georgia Pacific, Scott, Cottonelle, Preference, Boardwalk, Windsoft, Kimberly Clark, Rubbermaid, Acclaim, Bounty, Signature, Scottfold, World Dryer, Solo, Dixie, Dart. We carry all of the top brands at lower than "wholesale" prices.


Toilet Paper & Hand Towels »

Commerical Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue, Paper Hand Towels, Facial Tissue, Sanitary Napkins and much more! Brands include: Georgia Pacific AngelSoft, Kimberly Clark Cottonelle, Kleenex, Charmin, WindSoft, Scott, Boardwalk, Acclaim, Envision, and more!


Trash Bags, Can Liners »

Commercial Plastic Trash Bags, Can Liners in sizes for any trash can receptacle, large or small! Choose from economical high density with its "crinkly" feel or thicker, "stretchy" low density design.


Hand Dryers »

Hand Dryers save money vs. paper hand towels. Choices include standard speed or new high speed, fast drying models in push button or touch free designs. Brands include: World Dryer, Bobrick, Nova and Palmer Fixture. Wide selection of colors and design.


Trash Cans »

Trash Cans large and small, plastic, steel and stainless steel. Choose from large wheeled outdoor trash cans, designer indoor versions, office wastebaskets and more. Brands include: Rubbermaid Brute, Landmark, Slim Jim, Glutton, Marshall, Plaza, Ranger, Step On, Witt.


Kitchen, Food Service Stuff »

Commercial quality paper or foam plates, paper, foam or plastic cups, paper napkins, plastic knives, forks, spoons and much more. Brands include: Boardwalk, Dart, Dixie, Huhtamaki, Georgia Pacific, EasyNap, Kimberly Clark, Scott, Bella, Marcal.