3M 25928 Cornerstone floor sealer and finish for stone concrete 7100057828 case of 2 2.5 gallon bottles gw

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3M 25928 Cornerstone Floor Sealer and Finish For Stone, Terrazzo, Concrete, Quarry Tile, Brick and Unglazed Ceramic, 2.5 Gallon Bottles, Case of 2 Bottles, 3M, 25928-3M.

Seals and beautifies stone floors in one step. Adheres securely and provides gloss on hard to maintain stone surfaces such as terrazzo, concrete, quarry tile, brick and unglazed ceramic. Works with equipment of any speed. Coverage on very porous substrates; i.e. concrete, terrazzo, 600-1200 sq. ft./gal. Less porous substrates; i.e. composition vinyl tile, 1200- 2000 sq. ft./gallon. Use on stone, concrete, resilient floors, terrazzo, quarry tile, brick, unglazed ceramic and other stone floors, except for glazed ceramic tile.

  • Specifically designed for a brilliant, long lasting gloss
  • Resistant to black marks and scuffs
  • Excellent leveling combined with fast dry time

Technical Data For Cornerstone Floor Sealer and Finish (CLICK HERE)

Material Safety Data Sheet For Cornerstone Floor Sealer and Finish (CLICK HERE)