3M 55433 Easy Shine Applicator Kit for applying floor finish 7100134540 gw

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3M 55433 Easy Shine Applicator Kit For Applying Floor Finish Or Floor Protectors, Includes Handle, Pad Holder, Backpack, 2 Pads, 3M, 55433-3M.

Designed to deliver each of the Scotchgard Hard Floor Systems, the 3M Easy Shine Applicator Kit is easy to use and reduces floor finish waste when compared to mop and bucket application. Works with Scotchgard Ultra Durable Floor Finish, Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector, Scotchgard Stone Floor Protector and Scotchgard Classic Floor Finishes.

  • Smoothly apply floor finish/protectors with a tried and true backpack based delivery system
  • Includes a handle, 16 inch frame, 2 washable flat microfiber mop pads, backpack and tubing; 5 reusable plastic pouches
  • Compared to string mops & buckets, a backpack flat floor finish applicator reduces labor costs by as much as 70%
  • Although 3M and Scotchgard branded floor protectors and finishes are recommended, nearly any brand of floor finish can be used with this system

Kit includes: 1-Applicator Handle; 1-17 inch Applicator Pad Holder; 1-Clean Out Pouch, 1-Back Pack; 2-Applicator Pads 18 inch; 1-Floor Finish Supply Tube; and 5-Delivery Tubes.

Special Features:

  • Lightweight durable handle with finger tip dispense control
  • Canvas backpack with adjustable straps for personal fit
  • Easy replaceable dispense tubes
  • Easy mounting applicator pad system
  • Cleaning pouch provided

Smoothly and efficiently apply floor finish and protectors with a tried and true backpack delivery system. Accessories available as parts wear out. Works with any floor finish/protector available in one gallon bags. Kit contains nearly everything needed to start. Floor finish not included.

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