3M 59247 Easy Trap Flip Holder 23x4 inch MMM59247 clamping lock paddle handle sold separately for Easytrap Duster cloths

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3M Easy Trap Holder

The Easy Trap Duster System traps and holds up to six times more dust, sand and hair than other dusting systems. Which can contribute to better indoor air quality of facilities. Packaging is 100 percent recyclable.

Light weight holders that make it easy to use both sides of the dusting cloth without having to touch it.

Designed to be used with the 3 M Easy Trap Duster Cloths (MMM55655 And MMM55654) All Sold Separately.

Handle Sold Separately.

Clamping Mechanism Holds Duster Cloth In Place. 23x4 Inch Dimensions. Sold By Each.