Air Freshener refill for Microburst 9000 Mountain Peaks scent case of 4 refills rcp4012461

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Microburst 9000 Air Freshener Refill Mountain Peaks Scent

Achieve consistent odor neutralization and fragrant air freshening by keeping your Microburst 9000 dispenser fully stocked. Fresh fragrances help reinforce your buildings level of cleanliness. Patented refill actuator distributes a fine, dry mist, ensuring maximum area dispersal. Each refill lasts for up to 9,000 individual sprays. Contains 63 percent less VOCs per spray than a standard aerosol.

Mountain Peaks Scent, Case Of 4 Refills.

Designed To Be Used With Microburst 9000 Dispensers RCP1793535 (White LCD Dispenser) Or RCP401375 (White Economizer Dispenser), Both SOLD SEPARATELY.