Basic Carpet Cleaning Methods Part 1 Training Video 1204A 23 minutes American Training Videos

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Basic Carpet Cleaning Methods Part 1 Training Video 1204A, 23 Minutes, Select DVD, CD, VHS, Video Format and Select English or Spanish Language, American Training Videos, 1204A.

This two-part video features Hot Water Extraction (tank type using both a power wand and a vacuum injector combination); Shampooing (rotary floor machine with a gravity type solution tank); and Spin-Pad Bonnet Cleaning (also uses rotary floor machine, offering fast drying).

  • 23 Minutes Long.
  • Helps Organize Training Programs.
  • Persuasive Sales Tool Which Demonstrates Your Training Program To Customers.
  • Useful Documentation For Both Workmans Compensation Claims or Personal Injury Lawsuits and OSHA Inspections.
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