5 Reasons Your Industrial Vacuum Keeps Getting Clogged Up

5 Reasons Your Industrial Vacuum Keeps Getting Clogged Up

10th May 2024

Industrial vacuums keep your workspace clean and free of debris. However, experiencing frequent clogs can significantly slow down your productivity and cause frustration. Luckily, we’re here to stop the commotion. Explore five reasons your industrial vacuum keeps getting clogged up and what to do about it.

Using the Wrong Filter

Each vacuum model has specific filter requirements, and using an incompatible or low-quality filter can allow debris to pass through and clog the system. Always refer to your vacuum's user manual and use the recommended filters to ensure optimal performance and minimize the risk of clogs.

Not Emptying the Canister Regularly

Failing to empty the vacuum's canister or vacuum bag regularly can lead to clogs. As the canister fills up, the vacuum's suction power decreases, and debris can accumulate in the hoses and attachments. Make it a habit to empty the canister or replace the vacuum cleaner bag after each use or when it reaches about two-thirds full to maintain consistent airflow and prevent clogs.

Vacuuming Wet or Damp Materials

Most industrial vacuums can only handle dry materials. Attempting to vacuum wet or damp debris can cause the material to stick to the interior of the hoses and attachments, leading to clogs. If you need to clean up wet messes, use a dedicated wet/dry vacuum or mop and bucket to avoid damaging your dry-use industrial vacuum.

Not Cleaning the Hoses and Attachments

Failing to clean hoses and attachments is a possible reason your industrial vacuum keeps getting clogged up. Over time, fine dust and debris can accumulate inside the vacuum's attachments, restricting airflow and causing clogs. Regularly inspect and clean these components to ensure they remain clear and functional. Remove any visible blockages and use a cleaning rod to dislodge any built-up material inside the hoses.

Vacuuming Large or Unsuitable Objects

Industrial vacuums are powerful, but they have their limits. Attempting to vacuum large objects, such as chunks of wood, metal shavings, or sizable pieces of debris, can cause immediate clogs. Additionally, vacuuming up inappropriate materials, like liquids, flammable substances, or hazardous waste, can damage the vacuum and pose safety risks. Always use the appropriate tools and methods for cleaning up these types of materials.


Clogged industrial vacuums are a common problem, but you can prevent issues by understanding the reasons behind blockages. Remember to maintain your machine to get the most out of your equipment.

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