6 Ways To Keep Your School Safe and Sanitary

6 Ways To Keep Your School Safe and Sanitary

4th Mar 2024

School custodians are the unsung heroes who ensure our educational facilities are clean, welcoming, and safe for students and staff. Maintaining cleanliness in a school is a large task, given the number of high-traffic areas and the volume of daily interaction. However, implementing strategic sanitation measures can improve the environment. Here are six ways to keep your school safe and sanitary.

Regularly Disinfect Surfaces

Regular disinfection is critical in curbing the spread of germs, especially in communal areas. Focus on frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, handrails, and countertops. Schedule time for disinfecting, ideally during low-traffic times, to ensure thorough coverage without disrupting school activities. For example, disinfect after classes or during recess to maintain a hygienic environment.

Manage Ventilation Systems

You should prioritize good air quality to maintain a healthy school environment. Ensure that the school’s ventilation systems work and regularly change the air filters. Open the classroom windows to facilitate natural air circulation whenever possible. Moreover, consider using air purifiers in less ventilated areas. Good air quality can contribute to a favorable learning environment for teachers and students.

Place Hygiene Products Strategically

Place hand sanitizers, soap dispensers, and paper towels strategically at key points around the school to promote good hygiene practices, including entrances, cafeterias, and restrooms. Actively encourage students and staff to regularly utilize these products by ensuring their easy accessibility.

Manage Waste Properly

Proper waste management is essential to keep your school safe and sanitary. After all, no one wants to encounter overflowing trash cans that attract pests. Provide adequate trash bins and recycling containers. Use high-quality janitorial trash bags to ensure proper containment and disposal of waste materials within the school premises. It also helps to create a waste management schedule to keep up with frequent trash disposal.

Focus on High-Traffic Area Cleaning

Ensure that high-traffic areas, such as hallways, bathrooms, cafeterias, and gymnasiums, receive more attention to maintain a high standard of hygiene. You can uphold cleanliness standards by cleaning these areas multiple times per day. You can also schedule a weekly deep clean for high-traffic areas to ensure the best upkeep.

Use Chemicals Safely

We often rely on various chemicals in our cleaning processes. It is vital to use these substances correctly to avoid harming humans or damaging surfaces. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and store chemicals in a secure location away from students.

Keeping your school safe and sanitary requires diligence, attention to detail, and the right planning and procedures. Help your school thrive by implementing these methods!