Floor Cleaning Tips for High-Traffic Areas

Floor Cleaning Tips for High-Traffic Areas

2nd Feb 2024

High-traffic areas are the most populated places in a building. Due to frequent foot traffic, these areas experience the highest exposure to dust, dirt, mud, and moisture. These elements can deteriorate the floor’s surface quality and create safety hazards, so regular cleaning is essential! Read these floor cleaning tips for high-traffic areas to improve your facility’s janitorial processes. 

Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

By sweeping and vacuuming regularly, you can remove loose particles from the floor’s surface. Ideally, you should sweep and/or vacuum your floors daily, especially in entrances. This practice can prevent debris from embedding into the floor, which is challenging to clean.

Frequently sweeping and vacuuming contributes to a healthier indoor environment by reducing allergens that get kicked up when people walk around. So, give your floors a thorough cleaning to maintain their pristine condition.

Use a Microfiber Mop

Mops tend to push wet dirt around rather than pick it up. A microfiber mop, on the other hand, captures dirt without spreading it around. It is also suitable for removing stubborn stains and grime. The best part is you can use a microfiber mop with commercial floor cleaning solutions.

Focus on Stains

Coffee, red juices, and oils leave obvious stains, which can be difficult to get rid of. Focusing on stains is a great floor cleaning tip for high-traffic areas. Apply an appropriate cleaning solution for the flooring and use a brush to clean the stain. Thoroughly rinse and dry the area before permitting foot traffic.

You could also use stain removers that contain hydrocarbons, which are chemical compounds from petroleum. These compounds break down and lift stains. Glycol ether solvents can also remove tough stains, including grease and oil.

Consider Waxing and Buffing

Waxing and buffing the floors can protect them from scratches, scuff marks, and dirt buildup. Waxing creates a protective layer that repels dirt and moisture, while buffing can restore the shine and smoothness of the floor. Make sure you use commercial-grade wax and floor buffer pads to prolong the life of your floors and keep them looking great.

Although floor cleaning may seem tedious, it maintains the appearance of your building. Remember to try these tips soon! If you’re looking for floor cleaning supplies, Cleaning Stuff has everything you need. Browse our products now!