How To Choose the Right Commercial Trash Bags

How To Choose the Right Commercial Trash Bags

10th May 2024

Running a business requires attention to detail, especially when it comes to maintaining a clean environment. An important part of keeping your operation clean is selecting the right garbage bags. Though this step might seem trivial, the correct bag can make waste management safer and more efficient. Learn how to choose the right commercial trash bags with this helpful guide.

Understanding Your Business’s Waste

The first step is to identify the type of waste your business produces. Knowing your business’s waste can prevent mishandling and save you the unnecessary headache of clean-ups and double work. For instance, are you dealing with office-paper waste, food scraps from a cafeteria, or sharp items that could puncture a bag?

Wet, heavy, and sharp waste items will require bags with a higher gauge (thickness) to prevent tearing or leakage, while light items can go in thinner bags. For example, kitchen waste like food scraps, bones, and sharp metal can lids requires thick bags to prevent leaks. Conversely, office environments with predominant paper waste only need thinner bags to effectively manage waste.

Sizing Up Your Trash Cans

Just as you wouldn't wear clothes that don't fit, you shouldn't use trash bags that don't match your trash cans' size. Choosing the right bag size for a snug fit will prevent the bags from slipping into the cans or stretching too far.

Therefore, make sure to check the gallon capacity and dimension requirements of your trash cans. At Cleaning Stuff, we provide clear descriptions of bag sizes that accommodate a wide variety of can dimensions. Remember, always measure twice and order once.

Capacity Considerations

When you’re dealing with waste collection, the last thing you want is for the bottom of the bag to give out. Understanding weight limits can help you choose the right commercial trash bags. By adhering to these limits, you can confidently manage waste and prevent unexpected mishaps.

Decoding Can Liner Strength

Take note of the "Can Liner Strength Chart" which categorizes liners into R (regular), H (heavy), or XH (extra heavy), which correlate to MIL (thickness in millimeters) or MIC (thickness in microns). This is the key to matching liner toughness to the trash task at hand.

Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Regular (R) liners are your go-tos for lightweight everyday waste. Think office paper and sandwich wrappers.
  • Heavy (H) liners work best for heavier, non-sharp items. Got a can full of wet cafeteria refuse? This is your pick.
  • Extra heavy (XH) liners are the ultimate pick for heavy, bulky, and sharp items. Construction debris? No problem!

Two additional liner categories include high-density (HD) and linear low-density (LL). High-density trash can liners, thin and economical, best suit light-duty waste like office paper trash but offer less resistance to punctures and tears from sharp objects.

Manufacturers design low-density liners with greater thickness and strength for medium to heavy-duty waste, including sharp, wet, or heavy items, making them more versatile because they can stretch without tearing.

Waste Removal Frequency and Storage

When your trash remains on-site for extended periods before disposal, selecting a bag that can endure time's challenges is essential. This includes resistance to degradation from prolonged exposure to sunlight and protection against rodents that might seek to breach the bag’s barriers. If you store your business’s waste in an area with little security, opting for a durable, puncture-resistant liner can ensure you can contain the waste until removal.


Balancing quality and budget can be tricky. However, investing in a slightly more expensive bag can save you money in the long run. For instance, if your business generates a lot of sharp or heavy waste, more expensive, durable trash bags will avoid tears and leaks, reducing the need for double-bagging and frequent clean-ups.

On the other hand, if your waste is mostly paper and light plastics, a high-strength, premium bag would be unnecessary. We recommend comparing the cost per bag and the benefits that each option offers to find your ideal price point. This way, you can select janitorial garbage bags that meet your quality requirements without straining your budget.

Consider Bulk Purchasing

To optimize your budget and cut costs on trash bags, consider exploring bulk purchasing options. Buying in bulk allows operations to lower the cost per unit of trash bags, leading to long-term savings. This strategy also helps businesses explore cost-effective solutions without sacrificing the quality of the trash bags.

Health and Safety Regulations

Your industry may have specific standards for the trash bags you use, ranging from preventing contamination to adequately containing toxic materials. These regulations maintain safe environments.

To navigate these requirements, identify the specific regulations applicable to your industry. For instance, healthcare facilities must adhere to biohazardous waste-handling protocols while restaurants must focus on food-waste containment to avoid attracting pests and spreading bacteria. Once you understand your industry’s regulations, you can purchase the suitable trash bags.

The Ultimate Selection of Trash Bags

At Cleaning Stuff, we understand the importance of reliable, robust trash bags in maintaining facility cleanliness. Our extensive range of janitorial garbage bags includes bags of various strengths and materials for cleanup jobs of any type.

For the toughest jobs that require heavy loads and tear-resistant strength, our XH Linear Low (LL), Low Density bags measured in MIL’s, are the preferred choice.

Our LL liners are your go-to solutions for waste in kitchens, warehouses, building maintenance or janitorial needs. They’re flexible and can handle a substantial weight without compromising their integrity.

Need a trash bag for paper and lightweight trash? Our HD - High Density can liners, measured in Microns, are thinner and less puncture resistant than Linear Low bags. HD bags are Great for paper and light weight trash. HD Liners will tear if punctured by a sharp object. These bags have a crinkly feel and will not stretch.

Experience seamless waste management solutions with Cleaning Stuff's selection of trash bags. Our team ensures that each product meets our high standards of quality and reliability so that you can focus on keeping your space clean. Browse our selection today to find the perfect trash bags for your specific needs.

How To Choose the Right Commercial Trash Bags