Building Cleaning Basic Operations Contract Cleaning Executive Training Video E0050 60 minutes American Training Videos

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Building Cleaning Basic Operations Contract Cleaning Executive Training Video E0050, 60 Minutes, Select DVD, CD, VHS, Video Format, English, American Training Videos, E0050.

The practice of cleaning offices and other areas of a building is covered by this video. The routine for cleaning an office also applies to building lobbies, entrances, employee rest areas, lounges, conference rooms, training rooms and other work areas. Video clearly shows and explains the professional method for cleaning rest rooms. Rest rooms are especially important areas that require professional sanitation and servicing. Not only do they have to be cleaned, but they must be cleaned quickly without unnecessary movements or wasted time.

  • Professional Quality.
  • 60 Minutes Long.

This Contract Cleaning Executive Training Series of videos is designed for people who have recently started, or are about to start a contract cleaning company. It is also an excellent series for anyone already in the contract cleaning business who wants to:

  • increase sales
  • develop quality of service and
  • streamline overall cleaning operations!

This kit is an excellent training vehicle for operations managers, sales reps, and anyone else in management who is new to this industry.

These videos are meant for management viewing only and are not designed to train custodians. See our custodial training series if you need to train custodians.

  • Select Video Format: DVD, CD, or VHS Below.
  • Language: English.