Building Cleaning Hard Surface Floor Care Contract Cleaning Executive Training Video E0051 60 minutes American Training Videos

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Building Cleaning Hard Surface Floor Care Contract Cleaning Executive Training Video E0051, 60 Minutes, Select DVD, CD, VHS, Video Format, English, American Training Videos, E0051.

Reviews daily maintenance procedures for resilient tile and other Hard Surface floors. Discusses damp mopping, spot mopping and wet mopping as well as dust mopping, selection of dust mop heads, dust pans, gum removal, toy brooms, push brooms and radiator brushes. Reviews practice of high speed burnishing on resilient tile floors. Also covers spray buffing to remove spots, stains, scuffs and black heel marks. Explains equipment and chemicals, including floor pads and drive blocks, lamb wool applicator to apply the finish, plus proper high speed floor machines to assure professional This video recommends 10 easy steps for stripping and finishing Hard Surface floors.

  • Professional Quality.
  • 60 Minutes Long.

This Contract Cleaning Executive Training Series of videos is designed for people who have recently started, or are about to start a contract cleaning company. It is also an excellent series for anyone already in the contract cleaning business who wants to:

  • increase sales
  • develop quality of service and
  • streamline overall cleaning operations!

This kit is an excellent training vehicle for operations managers, sales reps, and anyone else in management who is new to this industry. These videos are meant for management viewing only and are not designed to train custodians. See our custodial training series if you need to train custodians.

  • Select Video Format: DVD, CD, or VHS Below.
  • Language: English.