Clarke Boost orbital floor scrubber Focus2 Micro Rider 28 inch 56382630 242ah wet battery onboard charger 21 gallon with traction drive

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Clarke is manufactured by Nilfisk-Advance - the oldest, largest and highest quality maker of floor care equipment in the world, including: Clarke, Viper, Kent, Advance, Euroclean

Clarke Focus2 Micro Rider 28 Inch Boost Floor Scrubber 56382630 28 inch orbital 242ah wet battery onboard charger 21 gallon with traction drive.

The Clarke Focus2 MicroRider is a small, easily maneuverable machine that is designed to clean the areas that are inaccessible with larger riders, including those with limited access or tight corners. Yet, with a 28 inch deck, the Focus2 MicroRider offers a wide cleaning path for maximum productivity in your larger cleaning areas.

The low-profile SatetyGlide deck eliminates wasted time and money spent on side skirts, and irritating watermarks. Simply turn the steering wheel; as the machine turns, the deck automatically moves in line with the path of the rear squeegee, resulting in 100 percent water pick-up. With a spring-loaded safety design, you no longer have to worry about accuracy or accidental contact for edge cleaning. The deck ensures precise, straight edge cleaning without additional labor-intensive detail edge mopping.

Enhanced with BOOST Technology, the Focus2 MicroRider is available with a 28 inch BOOST deck, delivering high levels of cleaning with the ultimate in green benefits. Say goodbye to costly chemicals, slippery floors and undesirable odors. BOOST allows for easy floor finish removal without the use of chemicals. Plus, this efficient technology uses up to 70 percent less solution, extends equipment pad life by 40 percent, provides longer battery runtimes and cuts labor time in half.

The Clarke Focus2 MicroRider Floor Scrubber Has The Following Features

  • Boost Technology with chemical free floor finish removal makes the rider a dual function scrubber.
  • SafetyGlide scrub deck ensures quality cleaning results with 100 percent water pick up
  • Easy Operation with Safe-T-Steering increases operator safety.
  • Quiet operation makes daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise sensitive areas viable.
  • comfortable driver compartment with customizable features can be optimized for virtually every operator.

The Clarke Focus2 MicroRider Floor Scrubber lays down cleaning solution, scrubs, then vacuums away dirty solution, leaving floors clean and dry in one pass.

The Clarke Focus2 MicroRider Floor Scrubber Has The Following Specifications:

  • Boost Scrub Head
  • 28 Inch Scrub Path
  • 21 Gallon Capacity
  • 3.7 mph Maximum Speed
  • 45,484 Square Foot Per hour Maximum Producitivity at 3.7 mph
  • 65 lb and 105 lb Brush Pressure Settings.
  • 2,250 RPM Brush Speed
  • 0.75 hp 560 Watt Brush Motor
  • 0.56 Hp, 55.3 CFM and 57 Inch Water Lift Vacuum Motor
  • 61 to 65 dBA Sound Pressure Level
  • 0-0.8 gpm Water Flow
  • 59 Inch Minimum Turn Around Aisle Width
  • 16 degrees Maximum ramp climbing
  • 35 Inch Squeegee Width
  • 24 VDC Machine Voltage
  • Four 6 Volt Batteries 242 Ah Wet Acid
  • 24VDC Onboard Battery Charger
  • 3.5 Hours Maximum Run Time
  • 53.5x28.7x48.4 Inch Dimensions Without Squeegee
  • 401 lbs Weight Without Batteries
  • 1,005lbs Weight With Batteries Full Tanks and Operator.
  • Includes Generous Manufacturers Warranty (CLICK HERE).

Includes: batteries, shelf charger, pad holder, and squeegee. Batteries shipped separately.

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