Clarke Focus2 28 Disc Floor Scrubber C05405A 28 inch with chemical mixing system 242ah wet battery onboard charger 23 gallon with traction drive

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Clarke is manufactured by Nilfisk-Advance - the oldest, largest and highest quality maker of floor care equipment in the world, including: Clarke, Viper, Kent, Advance, Euroclean

Clarke Focus II 28 Disc Floor Scrubber AutoScrubber Focus II 28 Disc 242ah Wet Battery, Onboard Charger, Chemical Mixing System, 28 Inch, 23 Gallon With Drive Motor, C05405A

The Focus II Disc Mid Size Series Autoscrubbers have a scrub deck powered by two heavy duty brush motors. These models are ideal for everyday cleaning.

Focus II scrubbers feature important benefits such as low noise levels, improved user ergonomics, on-board chargers, breakaway squeegees and more. The Mid Size Series Also Provide an increased capacity, longer run times, and are easy to operate.

The Focus II Mid Size Autoscrubbers Feature

  • Yellow Palm Buttons which are ergonomically placed to control forward motion and start the brush motors and solution flow.
  • Onboard Battery Charger which allows the machine to charge anywhere.
  • Urethane Squeegee Blades have the best chemical resistance, longer wear, and quiet pickup.
  • Adjustable Squeegee Knob makes it easy to adjust blades for complete water pickup with no tools.
  • Rear Solution Fill allows filling while emptying the recovery tank at deep sink facilities.
  • Large capacity, 23 gallon recovery and solution tanks provide longer run times between dump and fills.
  • Gimble Mounted Brushes And Pad Drivers Contour uneven floors for even scrubbing agitation.
  • Patented Pulse Modulated Solution Control delivers precise and consistent solution
  • Large diameter, high traction, non marking foam filled wheels provide a smoother, slip free, and quieter operation.
  • Quiet 65 decibels

This Clarke Focus II 28 Disc Automatic Scrubber lays down cleaning solution, scrubs, then vacuums away dirty solution, leaving floors clean and dry in one pass.

The Focus II 28 Disc Has The Following Specifications:

  • Two 14 Inch Pads Or Brushes
  • .75 hp Brush Motor 200 RPM
  • 80 lb And 150 lb Brush Pressure
  • 35 Inch Squeegee Width
  • 24 V Battery Power (Four 6V Batteries 242 ah Wet Batteries)
  • .075 hp (550 W) 3 Stage Tangential Discharge Vacuum Motor
  • 23 Gallon Solution Tank
  • 23 Gallon Recovery Tank
  • Solution Flow Of 0.0 To 1 Gallon Per Minute
  • Forward Speed 0 To 260 Feet Per Minute
  • Reverse Speed 0 To 174 Feet Per Minute
  • 10.24 x 3.35 Inch Light Gray, Non Marking, Foam Filled Wheels
  • 6 Degree Incline Cleaning Grade
  • Two 3.94 Inch Polyurethane Casters
  • Urethane Front And Rear Blade Squeegee Material
  • On Board 24V 25 Amp Charger
  • 65 dBA Sound Level
  • 62x30x44 Inch Dimensions
  • UL 583 Approved
  • Includes Generous Manufacturers Warranty (CLICK HERE).

This Machine Comes With Clarkes Chemical Mixing System

The Chemical Mixing System automatically mixes concentrated chemicals with the clean water stored in the machines solution tank, and delivers the mixed solution to the brush deck for scrubbing applications. Concentrate is mixed at an operator preset amount of .5, 1, 2, or 3 oz by turning a knob that is located on the dash panel. This machine has an area in the battery compartment where a 1 gallon chemical jug of chemical is placed. Simply pick your own chemical and put it in the compartment. This will allow for use your own chemical (any type approved to be run through an auto scrubber). Quickly change the chemical type if a different chemical is needed for a specific application and replace the chemical jug quickly and easily when empty.

Includes: batteries, onboard charger, pad holder, and squeegee. Batteries shipped separately.

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