Commercial trash bags 33 gallon 33x39 1.1 mil case of 100 gray, linear low BWK3339SEH Boardwalk

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Trash Bags Can Liners 33 Gallon 33x39 LL 1.1 MIL XH Gray Boardwalk Can Liners, Perforated Coreless Rolls, Case of 100, BWK3339SEH. Performance bottom seal resists leakage. Made from high quality raw materials, mineral reinforced to enhance strength and puncture resistance. Multipurpose can liners recommended for sharper objects and tougher transport conditions. Greater tear resistance compared to HD liners. Offers good load capacity.

Super/Extra Heavy Grade For heaviest cleanup jobs in warehouse, cafeteria or facility grounds. 33 gallon capacity. 33 x 39.

1.1 Mil Gauge 100 Bags per Case Gray, Linear Low Density Can Liners.