Custodial Training Manual Printed 200 pages 1001C American Training Videos

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Custodial Training Manual Printed 200 Pages 1001C, Select Printed or CD Format and Select English or Spanish Language, American Training Videos, 1001C.

This user-friendly illustrated Custodial Training Manual summarizes the contents of each of the 13 training videos, leaves space for your personal notations, and enables you to document the effectiveness of your training program. The manual is organized in a handsome loose-leaf binder. There is a Written Test and Answer Key (for each of the chapters); Final Test (with more than 90 questions that can be used to certify your personnels custodial knowledge).

  • 200 Pages Long.
  • Helps Organize Training Programs.
  • Persuasive Sales Tool Which Demonstrates Your Training Program To Customers.
  • Useful Documentation For Both Workmans Compensation Claims or Personal Injury Lawsuits and OSHA Inspections.
  • Select Video Format: DVD, CD, or VHS Below.
  • Select Language: English or Spanish Below.