Diamabrush coating removal 6 blade kit 25 grit zmstbld25r6rt45 4.5 inch for hand tools

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Replacement Blade Kit For Diamabrush Concrete Mastic Removal Hand Tool For 4.5 Inch Mastic Removal Hand Tool, Includes 6 Blades and Backers, ZMSTBLD25R6RT45.

The DiamaBrush Concrete Polishing System is an innovative series of diamond abrasive tools designed for any industry standard floor buffers or auto scrubbers.

NOTE: Flexible Diamabrush blades are designed to work well with standard weight machines below 115 lbs for single disc or autoscrubbers with less than 115 lbs. of pad pressure. Weighted machines can cause blade breakage not covered by warranty.

Utilizing a series of Diamond grit blades, its never been easier to grind and polish concrete floors to a retail like finish. No need for heavy, expensive equipment or harmful chemicals.

The Diamabrush 4.5 Inch Mastic Removal Tool

    • Removes Mastics, Adhesives, Epoxies And Urethanes, Thin-Sets, Paints, And Many Order Gummy Coatings
    • Diamond Abrasive Technology Prevents Carmelizing Or Clogging Of Tool.
    • Preps Concrete Floors, Block Walls, Brick, Metal, And More.
    • Removes Gummy Mastics Up To 10 Times Faster Than The Competition
    • No Harsh Chemicals Needed.

Note: All Equipment Sales Are Final And Covered By Manufacturers Warranty.

NOTE: No Returns On Floor Buffer Brushes. All Brushes Are Custom Made To Fit. If You Are Unsure Of Brush Size or Type, Please Contact Cleaning Stuff Customer Service With Your Floor Buffer Size, Make and Model: By Phone: 1-866-497-2056 (Open: 8am-5pm ET) or Email: CustomerService@CleaningStuff.Net . Most Manufacturers Recommend Brush Blocks (Hard Part) 2 Inches Smaller Than Buffer Size, i.e., A 14 Inch Buffer Requires A 12 Inch Brush Block. Clutch Plates, Used To Connect Brush Block To Buffer, Vary By Buffer Type.