Diamabrush 44 polymer blade kit gold 50 grit zpobld50r44

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Diamabrush blade kit zpobld50r44 for concrete polishing tool gold 50 grit diamond polymer bonded multi directional blades 50 grit diamond includes 44 replacement blades.

Replacement Blade Kit For DiamaBrush Concrete Polishing Tool Gold 50 Grit Diamond Polymer Bonded Multi Directional Blades 50 Grit Diamond Includes 44 Replacement Blades, ZPOBLD50R44.

The DiamaBrush Concrete Polishing System is an innovative series of diamond abrasive tools designed for any industry standard floor buffers or auto scrubbers.

NOTE: Flexible Diamabrush blades are designed to work well with standard weight machines below 115 lbs for single disc or auto scrubbers with less than 115 lbs. of pad pressure. Weighted machines can cause blade breakage not covered by warranty.

Utilizing a series of Diamond grit blades, its never been easier to grind and polish concrete floors to a retail like finish. No need for heavy, expensive equipment or harmful chemicals.

The DiamaBrush Concrete Polishing Tool 50 Grit is recommended for very rough or uneven floors before STEP 2 of six steps to a rejuvenated concrete floor. A 50 diamond grit is bonded to a flexible polymer blade. The flexible blade allows the diamond to remain in constant contact with the floor, maximizing the tools effectiveness. New diamond particles are continuously exposed, retaining sharp edges throughout the life of the tool. The DiamaBrush Concrete Polishing Tool is designed with replaceable blades which enables users to order a replacement blade kit and easily change used or worn blades minimizing downtime. Blades are multi directional and can be replaced individually in their holders.

  • The Concrete Polishing Tool 50 Grit is designed to be used before STEP 2 in the DiamaBrush concrete polishing system.
  • Included with each Concrete Polishing Tool is an Operator Instruction Guide.
  • This Concrete Polishing Tool must be used with water.
  • 1.5 hp Standard Low Speed Floor Buffer (does not require weighted machine) or can be used with Auto Scrubber.
  • Depending on the condition of the floor, blade wear can be from 50,000 sq. ft. to 70,000 sq. ft.
  • Blades are replaceable and sold as Replacement Blade Kits. (Click Here)
  • Note: Do not use brush with flammable materials (fuels, solvents, thinner, etc.) as serious bodily harm or injury could result from possible fire or explosion. Floor protrusions can damage blades, and cause the machine to operate unstable. Polymer Blades not in use for prolonged period of time require soaking in room temperature water for 48-72 hours to restore their pliability.

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