Floor pads variety pack 17 inch Green seal certified variety pack standard speed one each of black blue green red white case of 5 pads by Cleaning Stuff 17CVFP GW

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17 Inch Floor Scrubber Floor Pads Variety Pack Standard Speed, One Each Of Five Different Pads, Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Case Of 5 Pads, Cleaning Stuff, 17CVFP.

  • Size - 17 Inch diameter.
  • 1 each Black Strip Pad. This is the most aggressive pad. It is used to remove floor finish with the wax stripper. This product can be used to remove almost anything. The Black pad can be used to strip as well as scrub very well. It should be used only on floors that are durable enough. To be used on commercial vinyl flooring to remove the wax floor finish, on smooth concrete or industrial floors where looks are not important, such as restaurant kitchens, bathrooms, etc..
  • 1 each Green Scrub Pad is more aggressive than the Blue Scrub Pad, less than the Black Strip Pad. Use as needed. It is the pad to use when you feel that the Black Strip Pad is too abrasive. For Linoleum, it is the most aggressive pad to use.
    Ideal for heavy-duty scrubbing or light stripping.
  • 1 each Blue Scrub Pad is a for heavy duty scrubbing prior to recoating, heavy duty cleaning or foam scrubbing. Blue Scrub Pads are less aggressive than Green Scrub Pads and more aggressive than Red Clean And Buff Pads. For scrubbing or heavy duty spray cleaning. Removes soiled top layers of finish.
  • 1 each Red Clean And Buff Pad is a light abrasive pad for spray buffing to a satin gloss and for light cleaning. Less aggressive than Blue Scrub pads, slightly more aggressive than the White Super Polish Pad but is used in the same applications as the White Super Polish Pad (except for applying paste wax). For floors that are slightly dirtier, this pad can be used.
  • 1 each White Super Polish Pad is the softest pad. There are no aggressive particles in this pad. It will not scratch any floor surface. Before using this or any pad, you should sweep or vacuum to remove loose particles. If a hard particle gets trapped under the pad it could scratch the floor. This pad is used to apply paste wax to uncoated wood floors. It will clean and polish any number of floors including wood (coated and uncoated), vinyl, linoleum and laminate. For cleaning vinyl, linoleum and laminate, you can use your favorite cleaner with the White Super Polish Pad. It can be used to remove white hazes on floors.
  • Total of 5 Pads Per Case.

17 Inch Diameter.








As the nation's original independent ecolabeling organization, the Green Seal Certified mark identifies products that are guaranteed to meet the strictest standards for performance, health, and environmental safety.