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NOTE: "SCRUBBER SIZE" really means what size "FLOOR PADS" you use with it.  If you use 17" floor pads, then choose brushes "For 17 Inch Floor Scrubbers", etc. Most manufacturers recommend Scrubber Brushes brush blocks (hard part) 2 inches smaller than scrubber size, i.e., a 17 inch scrubber requires a 15 inch brush block. Pad Holders, different than brushes, generally require brush blocks one inch smaller than scrubber or buffer size, i.e., a 17 inch buffer normally requires a 16 inch block for pad holders. Cleaning Stuff follows these recommendations. Clutch plates, used to connect brush block to scrubber, vary by scrubber type. If you are unsure of brush size or type, please contact Cleaning Stuff Customer Service with your floor scrubber size, brand and model: By Phone: 1-866-497-2056 (Open: 8am-5pm ET) or Email: .

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