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How To Choose A Brush For Your Floor Scrubber Buffer (CLICK HERE)

Strip:   Strip Brushes are for removing all finish, sealer and contaminants from the floor surface. 

Scrub:   Scrub Brushes are for heavy duty scrubbing prior to re-coating, heavy duty cleaning or foam scrubbing. 

Polish:   Polish Brushes are designed to "polish" already waxed floors to a higher gloss. 

Pad Holder:   Pad Holders are designed to "drive" floor pads into contact with the floor. 

Carpet Brush:   Carpet Brushes are designed to "scrub" carpeted floors clean. 

Sanding Screens, Holders:   Sanding Screens, Holders are designed to work with standard floor buffers or autoscrubbers for wood floor sanding or gym floor preparation for recoating. 

Stone, Concrete Polish Brush:   Stone, concrete polishing tools are designed to work with your own floor buffer or automatic floor scrubber to maintain polished stone or concrete floors or start from scratch to polish existing concrete floor surfaces. 

Mastic Removal Tool:   Designed to remove residual mastic or glue from concrete floors after taking up old tile or carpet in preparation for installing a new floor covering.