Franklin F378016 Tet number 18 defoamer concentrate case of two 16oz bottles

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Tet Defoamer Number 18 Tet Concentrate Two 16oz Bottles Yield Foam Relief for 256 Gallons of Recovery Tank Solution case of 2 Bottles, Franklin F378016.

Defoamer eliminates foam in recovery tanks and works in hot or cool systems. An ultra concentrated foam eliminator for carpet extraction and automatic floor scrubber recovery tanks. Provides simple easy mixing that is mobile and requires no additional equipment. Ultra-concentrated products provide portion-controlled dilution. Lightweight, compact packaging transports easily between job sites and to the nearest water supply.
Simply squeeze the bottle and the exact amount of concentrate fills interior cup chamber; pour into recovery tank and you are ready to go.
Saves money, time and labor while ensuring consistent, no waste results.

For use in solution recovery tanks of carpet extractors and automatic scrubbers. Never use a defoamer in the cleaning solution tank.


2 Bottles per Case. 16-oz. Bottle.


  1. Remove cap and seal.
  2. Squeeze bottle and fill the portion control cup. Excess defoamer will automatically flow back into the bottle.
  3. Pour the contents of the cup into the extractor recovery tank or into the automatic scrubber recovery tank. Be sure that the recovery tank solution comes in contact with the defoamer concentrate.

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