Ground Rules for Custodians Training Video 1002 23 minutes American Training Videos

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Ground Rules For Custodians Training Video 1002, 23 Minutes, Select DVD, CD, VHS, Video Format and Select English or Spanish Language, American Training Videos, 1002.

Outlines the Dos and Donts that custodians should follow on every assignment. The Dos include: Customer relations, work ethics, proper reporting of mishaps, burglar/fire alarms, conservation of supplies, health and safety requirements, MSDS and other related topics. The Donts include: Harassment, fighting, profanity, theft, undesignated rest areas, smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs, firearms, sleeping, wasting supplies and other topics.

  • Professional Quality.
  • 23 Minutes Long.
  • Helps Organize Training Programs.
  • Persuasive Sales Tool Which Demonstrates Your Training Program To Customers.
  • Useful Documentation For Both Workmans Compensation Claims or Personal Injury Lawsuits and OSHA Inspections.
  • Select Video Format: DVD, CD, or VHS Below.
  • Select Language: English or Spanish Below.