Hawk KIT2030 mounting pin kit for horse shoe weight 25 or 36 pounds for Brute severe duty floor machines contains two pins, replaces HP0023

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Mounting Pin Kit For Horse Shoe Weight 25 or 36 Pounds For Hawk Brute 17 inch or 20 inch Severe Duty Floor Machines, Kit Contains Two Pins, KIT2030. Hawk builds machines with the Pin Kits on the original machine, or with the holes for pins with plugs in the holes or without holes predrilled by the factory. If your Hawk Brute or TEXHD machine does not have factory holes for the pins, you can install the pin kit by following these instructions:

  • 1. Lay the 25 pound horse shoe weight in position around the motor.
  • 2. Mark the holes in the horse shoe weight and then drill holes in the machine base that will fit the pins.
  • 3. Install pins and mount the horse shoe weights as desired.

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Mounting Pin Kit For Horse Shoe Weights

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