Key tags with metal rim pack of 50 key tags in four colors, Avery AVE11026

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Hunting in vain for the key that fits a particular lock becomes a thing of the past with these easy-to-use Key Tags. Each tag features a split ring that slides easily onto your key for fast, convenient organization. A metal rim around the round tag aids in stability and durability for frequent handling. Inscribe your notes on multi colored tags for a clear, easily readable method of quick identification of each key's purpose. Whether you're juggling keys for automobiles, real estate or something else, these tags will help provide the key to increased efficiency.

  • Round Tag With Metal Rim And Metal Key ring
  • Ideal For Housekeepers, Hotel Clerks, Janitors, Realtors, Valets, Auto Repair Services And Car Wash Services
  • Each Tag Features A Split Ring That Slides Easily Onto Your Key For Fast, Convenient Organization.
  • Inscribe Your Notes On Assorted Colored Tags.
  • Packaged In Convenient Reusable Storage Container
  • Multi Colored
  • 50 Tags Per Pack