Koblenz 463593012 cloth vacuum cleaner bag with commercial type a zipper assembly for koblenz ZA Models u75za u110za u90za u80za u40za u310za u510za and u610za upright vacuum cleaner

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Koblenz 463593012 Cloth Vacuum Cleaner Bag With Commercial Type A Zipper Assembly For Koblenz U75ZA,U90ZA, U80ZA, U40ZA, U110ZA, U310ZA, U510ZA, And U610ZA Upright Vacuum Cleaners, Sold By Each, Koblenz, 46-3593-01-2.

This is the "outside" bag for ZA models. This bag requires a Type A paper vacuum bag. 

This Cloth Bag Is Made Specifically For The Following ZA Models:

  • U75ZA
  • U110ZA
  • U310ZA
  • U510ZA
  • U610ZA
  • U90ZA 
  • U80ZA 
  • U40ZA