Floor scrubber brush .025 .028 nylon 812918NP47 18 inch block with fits 20 inch machines using NP47 clutch plate for general carpet cleaning by Malish

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MALISH - The World's Premier Brush Maker!!

Floor Scrubber Carpet Cleaning Brush Nylon .025 .028 18 Inch Block With NP47 Fits 20 Inch Floor Scrubbers For General Carpet Cleaning Malish 812918-NP47.

KARPET KARE - Black Nylon outer rows of stiff .028 bristles coupled with medium .025 inner rows for general carpet scrubbing.

  • Nylon Brush for general scrubbing of carpet.
  • Note: Requires a few minutes of concrete surface break-in operation before use.
  • Designed to fit 20 Inch machines, this 18 Inch Brush Block spreads bristles to 20 inches of cleaning coverage with its 1.75 inch bristles.
  • The Clutch Plate (attaches brush block to machine) is a NP47 durable plastic standard 5 inch center hole size.
  • Long wearing Nylon for effective Carpet Cleaning.
  • Note: Do not use brush with flammable materials (fuels, solvents, thinner, etc.) as serious bodily harm or injury could result from possible fire or explosion.

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Note: Carpet Brushes Require Break In By Running On Dry Rough Concrete For 20 Minutes Prior To Use On Carpet.

NOTE: No Returns On Floor Buffer Brushes. All Brushes Are Custom Made To Fit. If You Are Unsure Of Brush Size or Type, Please Contact Cleaning Stuff Customer Service With Your Floor Buffer Size, Make and Model: By Phone: 1-866-497-2056 (Open: 8am-5pm ET) or Email: CustomerService@CleaningStuff.Net . Most Manufacturers Recommend Brush Blocks (Hard Part) 2 Inches Smaller Than Buffer Size, i.e., A 17 Inch Buffer Requires A 15 Inch Brush Block. Clutch Plates, Used To Connect Brush Block To Buffer, Vary By Buffer Type.