Monkey Diamond Floor Pads 17 inch 3000 grit for polishing stone or concrete one pad sold by each 17MP3000EA GW

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Monkey Diamond Floor Pads 17 Inch 3000 grit for polishing stone or concrete one pad sold by each 17MP3000EA

Monkey Pads are a revolutionary method for non-toxic, chemical-free honing and polishing of marble, travertine, limestone, concrete, and terrazzo.

Dramatic results can be achieved with Monkey Pads even with minimal skill level. The Monkey Pads come in a grit series of 200, 400, 800, 1,500, 3,000, 8,000 and 11,000 (SOLD SEPARATELY). Monkey Pads are intended for light restoration, finishing and maintenance. No chemicals needed. Just use the pads and water. There is no need for polishing powders, pastes or crystallizers... simply use the pads and water in most situations. This is not only a greener process that is better for the environment, but also reduces your supplies and materials costs. These pads are designed to be used with a 175-300 rpm standard floor buffer or auto scrubber. All pads are color coded, labeled with grit number and eco-friendly.

These pads are meant to be used to remove wear and achieve a wide variety of finishes from dull hone (no shine) to a high polish on Marble, Travertine or Limestone floors walls or counter tops with little to no lippage (uneven tiles).

Follow these simple steps to achieve great results with less mess in less time without the use of harsh chemicals.

  • 1. Sweep or vacuum to remove all abrasive soils.
  • 2. Clean surface with Stone Cleaner
  • 3. Rinse surface thoroughly.
  • 4. Center Monkey Pad on drive plate on floor machine.
  • 5. 175 rpm machines work best with 60 lbs drive plate. 300-350 rpm machines do not require extra weight.
  • 6. Apply enough water to 2 X 5 foot area to lightly wet the surface, no need for huge puddles.
  • 7. Move the floor machine in an oval pattern counter clockwise to keep the water inside the work area.
  • 8. Check surface after 15-30 seconds to see if desired results are achieved.
  • 9. If YES, repeat steps 6-8 on the rest of the room one section at a time.
  • 10. Overlap sections by 4 -6 inches to keep an even finish.
  • 11. If NO, repeat step 7-8 until desired result with that grit is achieved (usually 15-45 seconds per 2 X 5 foot area).
  • 12. Rinse whole area between grits.
  • 13. Rinse pad well after each use and allow to dry.

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