BigFoldZ GPC20887 paper hand towels cfold multifold big fold towel white 220 towels per pack case of 10 packs or 2200 towels

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Paper Hand Towels CFold MultiFold Big Fold Towel White, 220 Towels Per Pack, Case of 10 Packs or 2200 Towels, Georgia Pacific, GPC208-87.

BIGFOLD Premium C-Fold, Muti Fold Towel Replacement. BigFold Z premium towels with a new emboss that shouts quality. Fits into existing C-Fold and MultiFold dispensers (with no adapter required) to provide a premium, cost-saving C-Fold substitute. This towel's unique fold allows for reliable, touchless dispensing of one fully-opened, absorbent towel, which reduces the number of towels used as well as the risk of cross contamination.

  • Bleached White.
  • 10-1/4 x 11 sheets
  • Touchless Dispensing - Reduces risk of cross contamination. EPA compliant for recycled content in paper towels.
  • Recycled, minimum 40 per cent post-consumer paper.

220 Towels per Pack. 10 Packs per Case.