ProTeam 100565 cloth bag for CoachVac Super CoachVac MegaVac LineVacer GW

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Part For ProTeam CoachVac Super CoachVac MegaVac LineVacer Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, Replacement Cloth Bag, 100565.

Micro Cloth Filter, Fits Round 10 qt.

The second level of ProTeam's Four Level Filtration, Micro Cloth Filters are essential to helping collect at least 99.9 percent of indoor pollutants one micron or larger. To safeguard the Indoor Air Quality of your facilities and to optimize the performance of your vacuum cleaner, only use genuine ProTeam filters. To be used with ProTeam's round 10 quart backpack vacuums: CoachVac, Super CoachVac, MegaVac and LineVacer.