ProTeam 101678 50 foot extension cord 16 gauge GW

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Proteam Part Number 101678 For ProTeam Backpack Vacuum Cleaners, Replacement 50 Foot Extension Cord 16 Gauge, ProTeam, 101678.

This 50 foot 16 gauge extension cord is yellow in color. The length of this cord enables users to move longer distances and have a wider range of cleaning. This extension cord includes a cord wrap and is compatible with all ProTeam vacuums. It has a light up feature on its ends when plugged in and measures 50 foot in length

  •    50 Foot Length
  •    Extension Cord
  •    Yellow Color
  •    Keep your vacuum in good working order by using geniune ProTeam replacement parts.

This Part Is Used On The Following ProTeam Machines:

  • Super Coach Pro 6
  • Super Coach Pro 10
  • ProVac FS 6
  • Super CoachVac
  • Super CoachVac HEPA
  • CoachVac
  • MegaVac
  • Super QuarterVac
  • Super QuarterVac HEPA
  • QuarterVac
  • TailVac
  • Super HalfVac HEPA
  • LineVacer
  • QuietPro BP HEPA
  • QuietPro CN HEPA
  • RunningVac
  • ProVac CN
  • ProVac BP
  • AviationVac
  • GoCartVac
  • Sierra