ProTeam 105693 59 inch two piece friction fit aluminum sidewinder straight wand 1.5 inch size

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ProTeam Part Number 105693 59 Inch Two Piece Friction Fit Aluminum Sidewinder Straight Wand For ProTeam Vacuum Cleaners 1.5 Inch Size, Sold By Each, ProTeam, 105693.

59 inch Two Piece Friction Fit Aluminum Sidewinder Straight Wand

A great addition to any ProTeam backpack vacuum, this two-piece lightweight aluminum wand is great for everyday cleaning. This wand is split in two equal parts to provide versatility when vacuuming. The friction fit design keeps the wand and tool locked in place while using and makes it easy to dismantle for easy storage. To be used with any of ProTeams friction fit attachment tools. Diameter is 1.5 inch

  • Versatile Expand the versatility of your ProTeam commercial vacuum with the right wand for the right application
  • Durable ProTeam wands are constructed to last, ensuring you get the most productivity out of your equipment.
  • Lightweight ProTeam wands are lightweight by design, making it easy to clean the toughest messes.
  • Coupling Style 1.5 inch Friction Fit