30 ProTeam 1072763 vacuum bags for Tennant 3110 and 3120 GW

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Introducing Xfit Intercept Micro Filters By Proteam

The air we breathe is full of particles that trigger asthma and allergic reactions. Dust, mold, pollenand bacteria, invisible to the human eye come from many different sources and quickly travel from one environment to the next. Proteam's exclusive Xfit Intercept Micro Filters successfully contain microscopic debris and provide extremely high levels of protection against the reintroduction of these pollutants back into the environment.

Xfit Intercept Micro Filters Are Better Because

  • Capture And Contain
    • Intercept Micro media capture airborne particulate down to 1 micron in size at 99 Percent efficiency. Intercept microbial treatment controls odors and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
    • Dual layered construction ensures all particles are trapped within the filter itself and not blown throughout the air, providing better air quality.
  • Quality Construction
    • XFit Intercept Micro Filters are manufactured with the latest technology and top quality materials, while generic filter bags often sacrifice quality to ensure a low price.
  • Identifying A Superior Filter
    • Magnification reveals a quality filter bag has a fine pore structure, which provides more surface area to capture fine dust particles, while inferior filters have a smoother, flatter surface.

The 107276 XFit Intercept Micro Filter Bag Will Fit The Tennant 3110 And 3120.

10 Bags per polybag Pack, Case of 3 Packs for a Total Case of 30 Bags.