ProTeam 107601 tool kit for vacuum cleaners deluxe straight and curved wand high dusting kit for 1.5 inch backpack vacuum cleaners

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ProTeam Deluxe Straight and Curved Wand high Dusting Kit (107601)

Deluxe High Dusting Kit includes essential extension wands and a ProBlade Hard Surface Tool to tackle high dusting needs. With a range of capabilites, these extension wands deliver on accessing and effectively cleaning high, and hard-to-reach places.

  • Expandable Reach - Expand the reach of your ProTeam commercial vacuum by 10-12 ft. of effective cleaning
  • Curved Accessibility - Use the Curved wand to access those tough locations such as ceilings, fans, lighting fixtures and air ducts
  • Attachable Wands - Connect multiple wands together to reach above the floor challenges for enhanced cleaning
  • Ideal Use - Above the floor items, hard to reach areas, ceilings, fans, light fixtures.
  • Storage Bag - Keep all your cleaning tools in one place.

This Kit Comes With The Following

  • Mesh Storage Bag
  • Three -Piece Straight Friction Fit Aluminum Wands
  • Straight Friction Fit Aluminum Want with Hose Connection Ridge
  • ProBlade Hard Surface Floor Tool
  • 45 Degree Bend Wand
  • 135 Degree Bend Wand

This Kit Works On 1.5 Inch Proteam Vacuums.