Raid ant and roach killer SJN351104 insecticide and pesticide 17.5oz per aerosol can case of 12

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Raid Ant And Roach Killer

  • Kills bugs fast on contact and keeps killing with residual action indoors even after you spray, for up to four weeks.
  • Easy-to-use spray can be applied to surfaces where ants and roaches may be infesting.
  • It leaves no lingering chemical odor, with a pleasant scent.
  • Also kills Waterbugs, Palmetto bugs, Silverfish, Carpet Beetles, Crickets, Earwigs, Spiders, Lady Beetles, Stinkbugs, Scorpions, and Black Widow Spiders.

Provides extremely fast knockdown and kill of a broad range of crawling insects. Contains active ingredients for rapid action and residuals to keep killing insects for up to four weeks. Outdoor fresh scent. No CFCs. EPA Registered.

17.5oz Per Aerosol Can, Case Of 12 Cans.