SP-2815 D Accelerator square strip scrub floor machine 28x14 for chemical free floor finish stripping 1.5hp 3500 rpm, 00-4560-9

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SP2815 Accelerator Square Strip Scrub Floor Machine For Chemical Free Floor Finish Stripping, 28x14 1.5hp 3500 rpm, Koblenz


Koblenz SP2815 Accelerator Chemical Free Strip Machine

The SP2815 Accelerator utilizes a dry chemical free process to prepare resilent tile flooring to be re-finished. The Chemical Free Strip Process uses the specially engineered Surface Preparation Pads SPP Maroon 14x28 rectangular pads by 3M or ETC and easily removes surface finish in preparation for recoating. It does not remove the finish below the surface thereby saving the first two coats of recoating finish. Saves time and finish costs.

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Also you can use this machine with chemical stripper in the traditional method with black strip pads for total finish removal when desired.

What's The Secret!

SP2815 Accelerator "vibrates" back and forth about 1/4 inch at a high speed. If this were a round buffer rotating it would have to rotate more than 3,500 rpms - which would throw wet stuff on the wall! Not SP2815 Accelerator, the high speed "vibration" removes the finish without splashing! High Speed coupled with the specially engineered Surface Preparation Pads SPP Maroon 14x28 rectangular pads by 3M or Cleaning Stuff, easily removes finish in preparation for recoating!

The Accelerator has power to spare, it delivers top value, and reliable, long lasting performance for all your hard floor applications like in office buildings, schools and universities, healthcare environments, retail stores, malls, and much more.

The Accelerator, using a green process, has the ability to remove several layers of floor finish without water or chemicals. By reducing the amount of water and chemicals used, the process becomes inherently safer for the operator and all personnel. This Green Process reduces the potential for slips and falls.

Due to the fact that the process is completed dry, in most cases, all that is required is a dry vacuum to clean up the dust.

The Accelerator advantage is in its rectangular design. It allows the operator to get in the corners efficiently without getting on their hands and knees. You can not do this with a conventional unit. Furthermore, learning to operate the Accelerator can be done in minutes.

The Koblenz SP2815 Accelerator Has The Following Features:

  • Green operation. Removes floor finishes without the added cost of using chemicals.
  • Boost your productivity by preparing up to 5,000 sq. ft./hour.
  • Rectangular design allows you to reach corners that are missed by round pads. No hand scrubbing needed.
  • 1.5 HP heavy duty motor at 3,500 rpm.
  • Works on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Ideal for stripping floor finishes, scrubbing, screening and sanding.
  • Cast iron heavy weight chassis for best performance.
  • 50 ft. 14/3 safety yellow power cord.
  • Rectangular 28 inch by 14 inch pad driver.
  • Cast aluminum pad driver plate.
  • Heavy duty chromed handle 13 gauge steel, 1.25 inch diameter. Two Part Handle
  • 5 inch non-marking wheels for easy transportation.
  • Safety switch prevents accidental start up.
  • Non marking full wrap bumper.
  • Low noise operation, only 69 dB.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Standard 110 volt with a 9 amp draw.
  • Weighs 135 lbs.
  • Generous Manufacturers Warranty: 1 Year Parts And Labor And 2 Years On Motor.

Options Include:

FREE SHIPPING To Contiguous US Business Address With Dock or Forklift Capable Unloading or Local Freight Terminal.( Note: Additional Delivery Fees Will Apply For Liftgate Requirement, Call Before Delivery Or Residential Address (USPS Designation).



1. BONUS FREE SHIPPING - Retail Value $150.00!


2. FREE SECOND BONUS PACKAGE! - Retail Value $373.00!



1. 10 each Maroon Floor Strip Pads (1428MAROON). (Maroon Floor Strip Pads are designed to dry strip tile floors, wet strip with water only (chemical free) or recondition the surface of a wood floor (gymnasiums, parquet areas, etc.).

2. 5 each Red Clean And Buff Pads (1428RED). (Red Clean And Buff Pads are light abrasive pads for spray buffing to a satin gloss and for light cleaning. Also used with Maroon Floor Strip Pads to provide necessary "padding" to insure thin Maroon pads adhere to the contour of the floor.)

3. 5 each Black Strip Pads (1428BLACK). (Black is the most aggressive pad. It is used to remove floor finish with wax stripper chemical. This product can be used to remove almost anything. The Black pad can be used to strip as well as scrub very well. It should be used only on floors that are durable enough. To be used on commercial vinyl flooring to remove the wax floor finish, on smooth concrete or industrial floors where looks are not important, such as restaurant kitchens, bathrooms, etc.)

4. 5 each White Super Polish Pads (1428WHITE). (White is the softest pad. There are no aggressive particles in this pad. It will not scratch any floor surface. Before using this or any pad, you should sweep or vacuum to remove loose particles. If a hard particle gets trapped under the pad it could scratch the floor. This pad is used to apply paste wax to uncoated wood floors. It will clean and polish any number of floors including wood (coated and uncoated), vinyl, linoleum and laminate. For cleaning vinyl, linoleum and laminate, you can use your favorite cleaner with the White Super Polish Pad. It can be used to remove white hazes on floors.)

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