Swiffer wet refill cloths 10 inch wide case of 144 open window fresh, PGC03515CT

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Swiffer Wet Refill Cloths 10 inch Wide case of 144 open window fresh replaces PGC35154CT, PGC95531CT,PGC03515CT

Swiffer Wet Refill Cloths

Disposable wet cloths are pre-soaked with an advanced cleaning solution that dissolves tough spots, dirt and grime, revealing the natural shine of your floor. Special scrubbing strip for tougher tasks. Can be used on all waxable and non-waxable linoleum, vinyl, ceramic and finished wood floors. Not for use on unfinished, oiled, waxed wooden boards, non sealed tiles or carpeted floors. Open Window Fresh scent.

10 inch wide. 12 refill cloths per box, 12 boxes per case. Swiffer Holder and Handles SOLD Separately PGC09060.