Synthetic lambswool polishing bonnet with drawstring skirt 17 inch fits over most pad holders for 17 inch floor buffers for polishing floors

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Synthetic Lambswool Polishing Bonnet With Drawstring Skirt 17 inch Fits Over Most Pad Holders for 17 inch Floor Buffers for Polishing Wood Vinyl Or Tile Floors Lambskin 17spbDsD GW
Synthetic Lambswool Bonnet With Drawstring Skirt 17 Inch Fits Over Most Pad Holders For 17 Inch Floor Buffers, For Polishing Wood, Vinyl or Tile Floors, Lambskin, 17SPB-DS.

Synthetic Lambs Wool Bonnet with tie on skirt that fits over 16 Inch flat velcro style pad holders or 15 inch brush style pad holders.

  • For use with 16 Inch pad holders on floor buffers up to 300 rpm.
  • Use this bonnet for a high shine on wood, tile and vinyl.

This is a polisher to bring out the floor's natural high gloss. It is not aggressive enough for cleaning. It is designed to bring up a shine. It can be used on all flat, smooth floors; wood (coated and uncoated), vinyl, linoleum, laminate, etc. On waxed floors it will remove scuffs. Think of it as what people use on their cars to bring out shine. This bonnet can be cleaned. Rinse it with soap and water, gently wring it dry and put it on the pad holder so it dries to its correct shape.