Twister Diamond Floor Pads 3000 grit 17 inch green for polishing to highest brilliance for stone marble granite concrete case of 2 pads 435517 GW

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Twister Diamond Abrasive Pads For Stone, Marble, Granite, Concrete, 17 Inch Green Pads, 3000 Diamond Grit For Polishing To Highest Brilliance, Case of 2 Pads, 435517. Twister Green Pads with their 3000 Diamond Grit polishes to the highest brilliance possible, eliminating the need for adding floor wax or other coatings.

For a polished, shiny brilliance, follow the 3 Step Twister System below:

Used in sequence, the Twister System of White, Yellow and Green Pads will turn a dull, rough, scratched stone, marble, granite or concrete floor into a brilliant, shiny polished floor that does not require any wax or other coatings. This new dynamic, low cost method works with your existing floor buffer, scrubber, auto scrubber or high speed burnisher equipment. No need to rent or buy special machines. It really works!

How much floor area will the average Twister Pad do?

Each Twister Pad will average about 30,000 square feet of floor coverage before being thrown away. Since many floor restoring applications require up to 10 passes, you may consider that each pad will do about 3,000 square feet of floor. Thats 10 passes over 3,000 square feet for a total usage of 30,000 square feet approximately. (FREE SHIPPING To Continental US Address Only)