Viper PS480 Outdoor Indoor Sweeper push powered 28 inches 2 brush system 10 gallon capacity 50000504

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Viper is manufactured by Nilfisk-Advance - the oldest, largest and highest quality maker of floor care equipment in the world, including: Clarke, Viper, Kent, Advance, Euroclean

PS480 Sweeper

The PS480 is the first manual push sweeper from Viper offering you a reliable and highly productive cleaning solution which is easy to use and available at a competitive price.

The compact design and construction ass cost effectiveness to the well known viper quality as the sweeper is built on a rugged frame and the brooms are rotated via a belt drive or by a simple two wheel transmission with very little need for service since no motor battery or power cord will require your attention.

You can focus on the cleaning job and the sweeper offers great capacity with its 10 gallon hopper. While pushed to clean indoor floors or outdoor areas the Viper will sweep away and pick up paper, leaves, bottle caps, corks, cigarette butts, small screws, and nails, etc.

The compact design makes the Viper PS480 ideal when space is limited and for cleaning in congested areas.

For most of the time, the sweeper is virtually service free as it is purely mechanical with no motor battery or power cord. The main broom is adjustable by turning the handle knob. It is dirven by a two wheel transmission and when the sweeper is pulled back the broom will stop rotating. To replaces the main broom just unscrew three screws on each side of it. Side broom is belt driven to increase the tension of the belt just move the plate unscrew two screws on the plate and adjust as needed. To replace the side broom just unscrew three screws the 10 gallon hopper is very light and the robust handle makes it easy to empty.

The Viper PS480 Sweeper Has The Following Specifications: