Nilfisk NFVV67604 solution solenoid 110v for Clarke Viper and Advance machines

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Cleaning Stuff offers this genuine original equipment manufacturer part to insure optimum machine performance and warranty compliance. Our knowledgeable customer service team is available Monday through Friday 8 am till 5 pm ET.

Nilfisk VV67604 solution solenoid 110v for Clarke Viper Advance machines.

Nilfisk-Advance Solenoid Change Notice:

VV67604 Wiring has changed. The old (original) solenoid has (3) wires: Blue, White and Green.

The New (replacement) solenoid has only (2) wires; Both are Blue.

To Wire in the the new solenoid:

1. The green wire on the old solenoid is a ground wire and is not needed on the new solenoid. Cut it out.

2. One blue wire on the new solenoid connects to the blue wire on the machine (from the spray button).

3. The other blue wire connects to the white wire on the machine (power).

Please Note: It doesn't matter which blue wire on the new solenoid you connect to the blue and white wires on the machine. The Blue Wires are only for a coil which energizes when you push the spay button.

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