World Dryer Smartdri Plus hand dryer high speed K162P2 touch free Black Aluminum 110 120 Volt

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SMARTdri Plus High Speed Hand Dryer 110 To 120 Volt

SMARTdri Plus is the newest addition to World Dryers elite lineup of fully automatic high-speed hand dryers. SMARTdri Plus was developed in response to the market demand for facilities seeking to use less energy and reduce costs.

What Makes SMARTdri Plus Better Than The Rest?

SMARTdri Plus was designed specifically to satisfy customers wanting a focused high intensity drying experience. With Hygiene concerns becoming more and more prominent SMARTdri Plus reduces such concerns because it is fully automatic, touchless and incorporates anti microbial technology. SMARTdri Plus is optimal for use in schools, restaurants, commercial buildings and other high traffic areas where there is a need to reduce waste and energy consumption. All SMARTdri Plus hand dryers are designed with a proprietary motor technology that offers the longest service life of any high speed hand dryer and intelligent, flexible controls that allow for the customizing of air flow, sound quality and heating options to fit any application.


Product Benefits

  • Intelligent On And Off Heating And 3 Speed Motor Controls Provide Flexible Options
  • 10 SECOND DRY TIME, 3X Speed Of The Traditional Hand Dryer
  • Best Cost In Use, Saves More Than 99 Percent Compared To Paper Towels
  • Extremely Energy Efficient, Uses Only 12 Percent Energy Of Regular Dryers
  • Most Powerful Combination Of Air Velocity And Air Flow
  • Longest Life Of All High Speed Dryers
  • Improved Sound Level

Design Features

  • Best Cost In Use, Saves More Than 99 Percent Compared To Paper Towels
  • Uses 40 Percent Less Energy Than Competitive High Speed Hand Dryers And Uses Only 12 Percent Energy Of Regular Dryers
  • 2X to 3X Longer Service life Than Other Competitive High Speed Dryers
  • High Intensity Single Port Nozzle
  • Most Powerful Combination Of Air Velocity And Air Flow Of Any Hand Dryer
  • Best In Class IP24 Ingress Protection
  • Durable And Vandal Resistant
  • SteriTouch Technology That Reduces The Growth Of Bacteria, Mold And Fungus While Promoting Good Hand Hygiene
  • Automatic Operation
  • Contemporary Design That Is Available In Multiple Finishes, Coordinating With The Look And Style Of Any Public Restroom.
  • 5 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty

SMARTdri Plus Specifications

  • Operating Voltage of 120V, 60Hz
  • 15 AMP Draw 400 Watts
  • Fixed Nozzle
  • 78 dB
  • Net Weight of 14 lbs
  • 12.5H x 9.3W x 7.6D Inch Dimensions
  • Thermally Protected Universal Brush Type Motor Operating At 23,400 RPM and Delivering 78CFM Air Flow.
  • Air Velocity Of 250 MPH
  • 400W Nichrome Wire Heating Element With Automatic Shut Off
  • Activated By Automatic Infrared Sensor With a 3 Second Run On Time And 30 Second Vandal Shut Off.
  • Mounting Instructions Included With Every Unit.



  • Cover Material Aluminum Black

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